Course History
Much excitement surrounded the opening of the totally renovated 'The Plantation Golf Course at Edisto'
on October 5, 2006.  Many golfers anxiously awaited the many improvements
made to the course by its
new owners, Edisto Golf LLC.

The golf course has had a checkered history over the last 40 years.  It started as a dream
of David
Lybrand's in 1971 when he purchased the 300 acre site and set to develop
a golf course, of which he knew
little about.  He assembled a team of locals, each
with their own specialty, and began construction.  Many
challenges were addressed in constructing over 30 acres
of lakes, and planning
around the beautiful trees.
they employed architect Tom Jackson to complete the final phase.  He did a masterful job
of blending greens and traps which matched the terrain and beauty of the site.

The course was originally named 'Oristo', and the grand opening in late 1973 featured a helicopter landing
on the course bringing Sam Snead, Bob Goalby, and Chuck Matlock to play the
round.  The Pros were complimentary of the course and so were many golfers who would
long enjoy Edisto's new facility.  Soon after opening, Oristo received recognition from several
sources as one of the best new courses in the Carolina's.  Within a couple of years of opening,
severe economic conditions forced ownership to give up their dream for which they had
worked so hard.  The course passed through two other ownership's groups before
Fairfield Ocean Ridge purchased the facility in 1976.  The course was renamed and operated
successfully as 'Edisto Beach Golf Club' until 1994 when the corporation liquidated
all golf facilities.

The course was then purchased and operated by Jim and Patti Heron of Findley, Ohio for 10 years.  Several
factors contributed to their decision to sell the facility to present owners in May 2005.

During its history, the course has been visited by golfers from every state in the Union.  Serving as
host for Wyndham Fairfield community has enabled many guest an opportunity to enjoy this
golf gem of the low country of South Carolina.

The island known as Edisto is rich in history.  Stories abound of the Indians who first enjoyed the area, on
to the struggles and battles of the Civil War years, and later the Mystic of the Plantation days.

Thus, the naming of our new course honors the past of the area, and encourages excitement
about its future as a truly beautiful and interesting layout.