Edisto's climate is very favorable for golf on a year round basis.  The course
is closed only for Christmas Day.  You can expect cool and sometimes
breezy weather in January and February with average temperatures
in the mid 50's to low 60's.

March, April, and May will be simply beautiful for golf with temperatures
in the 60's and moving toward the mid 70's as spring arrives.

The summer months are warm and sometimes humid but the ocean breezes
are delightful even in July and August when temperatures in the 90's
are common.  Fall is the best of all with beautiful warm days and
cooling temperatures in the evening.  It is common to play golf
at Edisto through Thanksgiving in shorts and golf shirts.

Our play is highest during the summer months when family vacations dominate
our population.  March through May and September to Thanksgiving produces
moderate play, while our slow season is December, January, and February.
About Our Weather & Play