Hole-by-Hole Descriptions

How to Play the Plantation Course


Hole 1
Out of Bounds off the tee on the right and left. The perfect shot is in line or left of 150 yard marker. Green is guarded by water on right front. This hole is guarded on the front by a large and deep sand trap.

Hole 2

Water to the right is very inviting to stray shots. Tough shot from over the Green. Better to be short then long. Out of Bounds to left. Out of Bounds to right of water.

Hole 3

This hole is guarded on the front by one very large sand trap. A shot over the Green may go into the water. There is also water to the right. Normally, this hole plays into the wind.

Hole 4

Local Rule: Ball hit over fence is played as a lateral hazard. Drop on line of entry with a 1 stroke penalty. Ball hit near fence may be dropped 2 club lengths without penalty. You may be tempted to go over the trees on this hole, but to far right may put you Out-of-Bounds.

Hole 5

Position is the key. The second shot must avoid the large Oak Tree 75 yards from the Green. Laying up to 125 yards is the prudent play. The lagoon to the right is a lateral hazard.

Hole 6

The Island hole where the wind and the depth of the Green can make the difference between a birdie and a double bogey.

Hole 7

This long Par 4 normally plays into the wind. Hit the tee shot at the flag poles for best results. Pay attention to the Pin position. This is a long Green.

Hole 8

Position off the tee is the key. Your target is the Palmetto Tree. This second shot can be difficult because the Green is very narrow.

Hole 9

A straight Par 4 with ‘Out-of-Bounds’ on both sides. It is a real challenge to get close to the hole with a back pin position.

Hole 10

A strong Par 4 for the men. Normally into the wind, with water on the left. The well-bunkered Green is difficult to hit with a long shot. If you make par here, pat yourself on the back. A favorite spot for Gators. Do Not feed!

Hole 11

A tee shot on the left side of the fairway leaves a slightly easier 2nd shot. Putting down the slope can be tricky.

Hole 12

The Green is over 30 yards long but is very narrow. The wind often swirls on this hole.

Hole 13

A tee shot over the right edge of the bunkers leaves a short iron into this Green. Back Pin position is the most difficult.

Hole 14

Try to hit the tee shot right at the 150 marker. Long hitters will want to hit a driver. Pay attention to the Pin position. This Green is a very long.

Hole 15

Cutting off too much may result in a watery grave. This hole normally plays downwind making the 2nd shot a challenging club selection.

Hole 16

Be happy to make a Par 3 on this hole. A back right Pin position makes this hole very difficult. Normally, this hole plays into the wind.

Hole 17

A tee shot down the left side makes the 2nd shot easier to this shallow Green.

Hole 18

A double Dogleg Par 5 to finish your round. Long hitters may want to leave the Driver in the bag off the tee. The 2nd shot must be on the left side to avoid both the water and trees. Avoid the trouble on this hole and reward yourself with a cool one at the 19th hole.

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